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Chowder and Stations - 02/28/2020

Lenten Friday "Chowder and Stations" has begun. Chowder dinner at 5:30 pm and Stations of the Cross at 6:30pm in Sacred Heart parish hall and church. $5 per person. No reservations necessary.

Psalms: The School of Prayer - 02/29/2020

We resume our Scripture study of the Psalms on the Saturday mornings of Lent, 10am-12noon at Sacred Heart. $30/person, which enables you to view any missed video presentations online. Read more

St. Joseph Celebration - 03/22/2020

Our first St. Joseph procession, Mass and reception! Procession at 9:30am, 10 am Mass, followed by a variety of food items by parishioners... Sacred Heart church and parish hall.

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny! - 04/05/2020

Our annual Palm Sunday celebration! 9:30 procession followed by 10 am Palm Sunday Mass and breakfast with the Easter Bunny in the parish cafeteria at Sacred Heart.

Lent Schedule - 02/28/2020

Our complete Lenten information can be found here. Read more


Archdiocesan News


The next pope and Vatican II

Polemics about the Second Vatican Council continue to bedevil the global Catholic conversation. Some Catholics, often found in the moribund local churches of western Europe, claim that the Council's "spirit" has never been implemented (although the Catholic Lite implementation they propose seems more akin to liberal Protestantism than Catholicism). Other voices claim that the Council was a terrible mistake and that its teaching should be quietly forgotten, consigned to the dustbin of history. In "The Next Pope: The Office of Peter and a Church in Mission" (just published by Ignatius Press), I suggest that some clarifying papal interventions are needed to address these confusions. Read more

Sound advice from the chief

Disappointed pro-lifers were predictably angry at Chief Justice John Roberts for providing the fifth vote in the five-member Supreme Court majority that last month struck down a Louisiana law requiring doctors who do abortions to meet one mildly restrictive prescription. It was no surprise that the court's four liberals -- Justices Ginsburg, Breyer (who wrote the opinion), Sotomayor, and Kagan -- voted as they did, but Roberts, a conservative, came as a shock. Read more

Do converts have to be 'remarried?'

Q. A friend and his wife, along with their daughter, were recently confirmed into the Catholic Church after being Methodists their entire life, including getting married within the Methodist Church. They were told by some parish officials (laymen) that their marriage is not recognized by the Catholic Church and that they must be "remarried" within the Catholic Church. Read more

Martin Luther King and the religious motivation for social change

A principal reason why the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s was so successful, both morally and practically, was that it was led largely by people with a strong religious sensibility. The most notable of these leaders was, of course, Martin Luther King. To appreciate the subtle play between King's religious commitment and his practical work, I would draw your attention to two texts -- namely, his "Letter from the Birmingham City Jail" and his "I Have a Dream" speech, both from 1963. Read more

China sanctions U.S. religious freedom ambassador over Uyghurs

CNA Staff, Jul 13, 2020 CNA.- The Chinese government announced sanctions Monday against the U. S. ambassador for religious liberty as well as lawmakers who have repeatedly spoken out against the oppression of China’s Uyghur population. The country also issued sanctions against the Congressional-Executive Commission on China. Read more



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