Wedding Preparation - Flowers, Unity Candle and Cleanup


Any seasonal decorations established by the parish take precedence over any one special liturgy such as a wedding, baptism or funeral. Please note that there is a ban of flowers during the penitential Lenten season. On the other hand, the seasons of Easter and Christmas, rich with flowers and appropriate decorations, might indicate that you don’t have to buy flowers at all.

Any floral arrangements and church decorations you do desire are your responsibility to provide. Please consult with the parish regarding flower placement in the church. Flowers traditionally are left for parish use following the wedding liturgy. The possibility of sharing flowers with other couples being married on the same day/weekend may be planned so as to share the expense.
Florists will be able to deliver flowers to the church 1 hour prior to the start of the wedding liturgy.
The use of a white carpet/runner is not permitted in our collaborative parishes. Covering a public walkway in a building, such as an aisle, posses a safety issue to your guests, and a liability to the parish. The throwing of rice, confetti, bird seed, flower petals, etc. also is not permitted for the same safety/liability reasons.

“Unity Candle”

The use of a “unity candle” has never been part of the Roman Catholic marriage ritual. Rather, it was established by secular society as a means to sell a product. We do not use this candle in Catholic ritual.
Clean Up
You must collect any personal items and ensure that the church is to be returned to its original setting. Pew markers, etc. must be picked up. Your wedding is one of several other activities for which the church is used on a given weekend (Masses, Baptisms, etc.).

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