Wedding Preparation - Photography and Videography


Photographs and videos may be taken during the service as long as the proper decorum is observed and as long as the process is not allowed to become a distraction to the ceremony or congregation. The photographer must never interfere with the sacredness of the moment. Remember, the best photographer is one who is not noticed. 

Photographers are not permitted in the sanctuary during the ceremony. From our past experience, it’s best if photographers do not use the area in front of the first row of pews beyond the side altars. We often have found them obscuring the view of the family and friends invited to witness the exchange of vows. Photographers should not use the center aisle once the liturgy has begun. If close-up shots are desired, they may be restaged after the liturgy.

Once the wedding liturgy begins, flash pictures should be kept to a minimum.
Taking pictures is permitted after the wedding but we encourage the couple to take only a few so that they may proceed to the reception in order to greet their guests.


Video lights are not permitted as these pose a distraction to the assembly, and present seeing difficulties for those who lead the liturgy. Also, given to advances in today’s video technology, extra lighting is seldom necessary. Video cameras must be stationery, mounted on a stand or hand-held in a pew. Videographers should not roam through the church once the liturgy has begun. Videos may be taken from the choir loft.



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