Wedding Preparation - Music and Musicians

Music Selections

Links in the right-hand column will list music suggestions at your parish of marriage. All selections of music must be cleared by the parish music director to assure that music proper for the Church is used. Please note that although we are a collaborative, each parish maintains its own musical history. While some selections may be listed as appropriate at a specific point in the liturgy at one parish, it might not be so at another. We ask that you respect the traditions of the individual parishes.

It is assumed that you will use our parish staff musicians (organists and cantors) at your wedding. However, it is your responsibility as the marrying couple, to contact the musicians. The use of a trumpeter or other instrumentalists is optional. In all cases, you should consult with the parish music director to finalize the music selections for your wedding. If you wish to have someone other than one of our collaborative parish cantors, you may do so provided that he or he has had previous experience as a Catholic cantor leading sung prayer at Mass. Guest musicians must adhere to liturgical music approved by the parish music director. Below is music director contact information for your convenience:

Jennifer Emery music director, Saint Ann Parish 617.479.5400
Howard Lotis music director, Sacred Heart Parish 617.328.8666
Gay Sullivan music director, Saint Mary Parish 617.773.0120

We have contacts for other instrumentalists such as violinist, flautist and trumpeter. Please contact the music director for their information. Fees for other instrumentalists are negotiated directly between you and the instrumentalists.

Current fees are listed here.


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