Local Pastoral Plan

Vision, Purpose and Values

Vision Statement

The Quincy Catholic Collaborative of St. Ann, St Mary, and Sacred Heart Parishes seeks to be a welcoming, joyful faith community committed to a belief in the inherent goodness of all of God’s creation, respectful of the gifts of every person, energized by our understanding of Jesus’ call to discipleship, and nourished by a sacramental prayer life and lifelong faith formation.


Purpose Statement

Believing that evangelization will grow the Body of Christ, our purpose is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in a diverse and multicultural environment while maintaining the unique identities of our three parishes.




As baptized Catholics, we recognize faith as a gift from God and take our baptismal call seriously to share that faith with others.

  • Growth in sacramental participation
  • Increase personal prayer
  • Developing intentional discipleship
  • Participation in faith formation programs


By offering all who enter our churches a warm and hospitable environment; the stranger becomes a cherished guest through the actions of parishioners and all liturgical ministers and clergy.

  • Being welcoming people
  • Extending personal invitations to parish events
  • Expanding fellowship at coffee hour after Masses


We commit ourselves to a culture where each parishioner shares his or her time, talents and treasures to address the current needs of our communities, both local and global.

  • Greater financial support
  • More ministerial involvement of parishioners
  • Increased contribution of all three parishes in collaborative-wide events wherever they take place


We strive to be a respectful, compassionate community that meets and welcomes people wherever they are on their faith journey. Each person brings to our community his or her traditions and unique perspective. Through the sharing of our experiences, we will grow stronger and more vibrant in our faith.

  • Welcome and greet others in multiple languages
  • Communicate specific announcements in the appropriate foreign languages
  • Value the diversity of ministers to reflect our congregations




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