Local Pastoral Plan

Priority 4

Priority 4

Promote Vocations to the Diocesan Priesthood and promote a Culture of Vocations

Goal 1

Create a Collaborative Vocation Team (CVT) consisting of at least six and no more than ten members by January 1, 2017.

1.    (September 30, 2016) Brainstorm on candidates for the CVT:

  • Characteristics include: Active discipleship, openness to creativity, generosity, ability to work well in groups and with others, leadership qualities, desire to promote vocations to diocesan priesthood and to promote a culture of vocations.
  • Choose a broad variety of persons from different aspects of parish and church life, including a member of the clergy.

2.    (November 30, 2016) Invite individuals, to participate in the CVT:

  • Individual meetings (30-minute meetings, 3 at each parish) to invite, explain purpose and focus of team.
  • Elicit ideas and evaluate level of interest.
  • Appoint a CVT Chairperson.

3.    (January 31, 2017) Gather the CVT:

  • Look at the local Pastoral Plan, in general.
  • Study the specific priority, Promote Vocations to the Diocesan Priesthood and to Promote a Culture of Vocations.

4.    (January 31, 2017) First Goal of CVT:

  • Schedule workshop/resource sharing with Vocation Office.

Goal 2

Make a special and continual effort to promote vocations in our collaborative by implementing and/or executing no fewer than three activities: 1) Expand or implement the Vocation Crucifix Program  in all three collaborative parishes, 2) Introduce vocation awareness within parish faith formation programs, and 3) Sponsor a St. Andrew-style dinner within the collaborative on a regular basis from June 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019.

1.   Implement/Expand Vocation Crucifix Program in the collaborative

  • (Immediate) Promote the existing monthly Holy Hour at St. Mary Parish, including a prayer for vocations every month.
  • (August 30, 2016) Obtain crucifixes and prayer materials.
  • (October 31, 2016) Explain the history and purpose of the vocation crucifix program through homilies, announcements, bulletin notices and the website.
  • (October 31, 2016) Recruit volunteers to pray 10 minutes daily, for 1 week, in each parish for vocations
  • (November 1, 2016) Implement an ongoing Vocation Crucifix schedule at each parish.

2.    Implement three Vocation Awareness activities in the collaborative

  • (ImmediateEnhance ongoing parish based vocation awareness through preaching, weekly bulletin announcements, distribution of prayer cards, posting of seminary and other advertisements.
  • (September 1, 2017) Implement vocation awareness into the faith formation curriculum.
  • (June 30, 2018) Develop/create/implement one specific annual vocation awareness activity such as an annual vocation awareness week, parish vocation preaching by vocation office priest or annual Good Shepherd Sunday vocation weekend.

3.    Implement vocation-inviting activities in the collaborative:

  • (December 31, 2017) Invite others regularly, especially the youth and young adults, to consider God’s specific vocation for them.
  • (December 31, 2017) Invite young women to participate in one or more activities sponsored by a local religious community and bring at least 10 young women throughout the year.
  • (March 31, 2018) Invite individuals to participate in one or more of the Saint Andrew Dinners sponsored by the Vocation Office and bring at least 10 young men throughout the year.
  • (March 31, 2018) Surface names of those to be invited to speak to their parish priest, contact the archdiocesan vocation office, or to participate in the annual archdiocesan discernment retreat.
  • (March 31, 2018) Surface names of those to be invited to speak to a local religious congregation, the delegate for religious at the archdiocese, or participate in an annual discernment retreat for consecrated life.


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