Parish Merger

Important message from Fr. Lou

May 22, 2020

Dear Parishioners:

On Thursday, May 14th, I presented to Cardinal Seán and members of the Presbyteral Council, the formal request that the parishes of Saint Mary, Sacred Heart and Saint Ann merge into a single parish. With overwhelming support, the council voted to recommend that Cardinal Seán approve the merger.

At this time, let me once again stress that all three churches will remain open and offer the sacraments. What will change is the consolidation of our finances so that we can begin to plan for an uncertain future due to the pandemic.

The Archdiocese has given us the date of August 1, 2020 for the official merger to take place. Prior to the merger, the new parish needs a name. Keep in mind that the church building names will remain and be part of the new parish signs. For example:.

Assumption Parish
Sacred Heart Church

Assumption Parish
Saint Ann Church

Assumption Parish
Saint Mary Church

At this time, I ask all parishioners to submit their choices of a new name. Members of the staff will review the list and forward three names to Cardinal Seán. He will promulgate the new parish name on the official decree for August 1, 2020. As we begin the next step in the merger process, may I suggest the following parish names just as an example:

Divine Mercy Parish
Christ the King Parish

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish
Our Lady Queen of Heaven Parish

This is not a definitive list and I only offer them to begin the conversation. Please use the email to forward your choices no later than June 5th.

Once again, our churches are reopening this weekend. However, we still must abide by state regulations regarding the number of those who can gather. Due to social distancing, we can only accommodate about 100 people at each Mass at each church, and so we will operate on a "first come, first serve" basis.

On a personal note, I realize this pandemic has caused much suffering and hardship to millions of people. We have lost a number of parishioners due to the virus and I am sure you have lost members of your own family and friends. Please know that you remain in my prayers during this unprecedented time. I am so grateful for your support and trust placed in me during this merger process. As I said from the beginning, we are living in an extraordinary time of history. It may take years to return to the church life we once knew! However, through God’s grace, we will overcome this pandemic and grow stronger in our Catholic Faith.

May Mary, Mother of the God and Mother of the Church pray and protect us now and in the future!

God Bless,

Fr. Lou Palmieri

Parish Office — 617-328-8666
e-mail —


We just wanted to clarify the process of selecting a new parish name.

The names listed in the last email are NOT the choices to choose from,
but rather, only are examples.

We need YOUR OWN input and suggestions!

If you thought you had to choose from the listed names,
feel free to reply again with your own suggestions.

Many ideas present a richer pool of names to consider.


Thank you everyone for your support!

You may email by clicking here.


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